About Oneshot:
I am an adventurous soul. I am on an eternal journey to seek out one adventure after another. I am somewhat indiscriminant in my adventures, I am just as happy taking on the role of husband and father, as I am snowboarder/snowmobiler and fishing adventurer.
Because of this there is no place on Earth I’d rather be. I love everything about the PacNW. I love the city, I love the weather, I love the culture, and most important, I love the ever changing and ever challenging adventures that the PacNW has to offer.
I spend my winters in the mountains enjoying snow sports with new friends, old friends and my family and likewise my summers and falls are spent camping, hiking and fishing. I love the outdoors and all that it has to offer. It’s more than just a weekend hobby, it’s a way of life. I love music and video arts and I have been making video chronicles of my adventures with others for years.
I have enjoyed making videos of the ordinary, as much as I do the not so ordinary for the past 10 years. New adventures have given rise to new challenges and new opportunities for me to enhance my art and share my experiences with others.
Over the years I have learned that it is the adventures we share as friends and families that connect us. Why not chronicle these moments to relive and share indefinitely? No matter the occasion, wedding, baby, family adventures, hunting, fishing, or any memorable moment, Oneshot Productions wants to provide you with a lasting media memory of those special moments in life that matter most.